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Ask For The Best Car Loan In Queensland

Want a pre-approved car loan for your next motor vehicle? Let us introduce you to some of Australia's most flexible lenders. For all kinds of motor vehicle finance and refinancing including car, motorcycle and boat loans ... yes, we can help you. We are Queensland's premier finance professionals for auto loans and car insurance policies!

Get A Pre-Approved Car Loan Now!

To organise your car loan or other motor vehicle finance right now apply for a loan online. One of our professional finance brokers will be in touch to find out what you need, talk you through the loan application and personally take care of every detail. We'll explain your options, sort out the paperwork and do everything we can to get you the fastest loan approval on the best finance for YOU.

We can help with:

Pre-Approved New & Used Car Loans

Borrowing for a new car can be prearranged before you even start looking for your new auto. Whether you've just started looking or already have a vehicle in mind, ask us to pre-approve the finance - save yourself the hassle! We can also help you borrow for a used vehicle too!

Boat Loans

Yes, we have lenders who can finance that new boat you've been promising yourself. Contact Citywide Finance & Leasing Pty Ltd to organise your boat loan (and remember us when you're relaxing on your next boat trip!).

Motorcycle Loans

Need motorcycle finance? No problem. For a loan on a new or used bike and protective gear give us a call to get your motor running...

Loans & Finance:

  • New cars
  • Used cars
  • Motorcycles
  • Boats
  • Insurance



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